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VB 136


Juffrouw Ooievaer










Below the history of the Lemsteraak “Juffrouw Ooievaer



“Juffrouw Ooievaer” has been built in 1980/1981 by I. Blom & Zn in Hindelopen. Mr. R.H. Gerschtanowitz has been the first owner and initiator of building this ship. According to the stories: at the time, he requested the builder to design a 10 meter (33 feet) ship with the minimum requirement to be able to stand straight up in the cabin. As a result Juffrouw Ooievaer, in comparison with other 33 feet Lemsteraken has a relative high cabin. Without losing the design basics this has been achieved by making the ship slightly broader in comparison with the standard dimensions. Some of the original pictures will be available on the Pictures site.

The carpentry work has been completed by “Scherpel Jachtwerf b.v.” in Loosdrecht. The inside of Juffrouw Ooievaer has been designed to allow a comfortable & stylish interior. This allthough with a traditional touch. Again with a main focus on practicality and space.

The engine is still the original one and has been placed by “Rijsdijks Machinefabriek – L.W. van Ballegooy” in Amsterdam. It is a Samofa-Mitsubishi ship-diesel engine 4DQ45 with Hurth reversing gear coupling (2:1).

Since 1980, the Juffrouw Ooievaer has had 3 previous names (and owners). The initial name was “Winnie the Pooh”. In 1987 (TBC) she was renamed to “Berkelvaer”, followed by “Driftkikker” from September 1995 and early 2008 we renamed the VB 136 to “Juffrouw Ooievaer”.

The “Juffrouw Ooievaer” started her life as mentioned in Hindelopen (NL). Not completely clear in which harbours the lady has had her berth, but based on the documents we are almost certain that she has been kept in Weesp, Muiden, Aalsmeer, Abbenes, Haarlem, Spaarndam, Naarden, again Hindelopen and currently in Huizen.




We hope to add another part to the history of the “Juffrouw Ooievaer” in the forthcoming years.








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