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VB 136


Juffrouw Ooievaer










On this page you will find some of the links which we found interesting for “Juffrouw Ooievaer”,

One of the most interesting sites, certainly for people who have a Lemsteraak, is obviously the site of Hielke Roelevink. He has created an overview of a serious number of Lemsteraken in the VA, VB and VC classes:


If you are looking for data on the regimental number of a specific traditional Dutch flat-hull ship, or for specifics on the dimensions, history, and so on, then a very good link is the (Dutch) VSRP/SSRP site:

http://www.ssrp.nl/ and http://www.ssrp.nl/vsrp.asp

As mentioned on the Pictures page, our ship has her winter storage in Workum. This nice Frisian village has some very professional companies that focus on the maintenance, storage but also Brokers for Lemsteraken. The maintenance for our ship is done by WJH, their home site is:


they however have their activities in very close cooperation with the broker, a relative of one of the original designers of the “Blom Lemsteraken”:




If you’re in for regatta sailing, then also the Lemsteraak gives you very good opportunities. A good example of a Lemsteraak regatta team is the ZA1, their site is mentioned below






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