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Nice pictures of Lemsteraak “Juffrouw Ooievaer”, but also some photos of other Lemsteraken which we saw on our trips.

Besides the links to the photos, you will also find a few short videos via YouTube.



During our first visit in Heeg at the broker “Prins van Oranje” we took the following pictures prior to the purchase of Juffrouw Ooievaer, at that time still named “Driftkikker”. After the purchase the probably never ending cleaning and maintenance started. For sure the first time doing so is still fun.

Our maiden trip was from Heeg to Huizen, some video impressions of this trip in early 2008 in the video Juffrouw Ooievaer to Huizen. Various daytrips or weekend trips we have enjoyed since then. For example end of May 2008 we had a nice and relaxing weekend in which we received an excess of sun. Nothing to complain about obviously. Few pictures from that weekend which was effectively been our maiden trip with Juffrouw Ooievaer.

A day in early June with not too much sun and neither too much wind, nevertheless a nice day out of the office. Some friends to join for a good glass of wine and at the end of the day people even think they are navigating on the Titanic. Fortunately it was just Juffrouw Ooievaer on the “Gooimeer”

In August 2008 a windy and wet start of our holiday, but the last 2 weeks were excellent. Also our sun Mathis (2 years!) likes to navigate the wheel of Juffrouw Ooievaer. Have a look at him in the short Juffrouw Ooievaer Holiday video.

Further on in the 2008 season a perfect sunny weekend in October. Again lots of sun and not too much wind which allowed us to sail with the family. A trip from Huizen to Volendam and back via the island “’t Hooft” is always good for a weekend fun.

In the past year we have had besides the above shared moments and pictures also enjoyed a number of other occasions with our ship. Nevertheless, always at the end of the year there is the unavoidable moment to have to bring the ship to the winter storage. For us this was done in the first weekend in November, which was nice to enjoy longer of the season, but we figured that most of the bridgekeeper and locksmen already started their winter sleep....  therefore we were obliged to travel to Workum over the IJssel Lake. In itself not a big issue, but this time there was slightly too much wind, so no pictures. Directly after the Lelystad Lock, the mast of Juffrouw Ooievaer found also there was too much wind to bear and decided to split over the top 3-4 meters.... Handicapped we continued our trip further from Lemmer to Workum, nevertheless with a lot of pleasure.

A perfect first season with our new lady Juffrouw Ooievaer. Now she is for the winter period in the hands of the “WJH” for serious maintenance treatment.




If you recognize any of the other ships on the photos, please feel free to send us an email for the original size picture.









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