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VB 136


Juffrouw Ooievaer





Pictures 2009





Nice pictures of Lemsteraak “Juffrouw Ooievaer”, but also some photos of other Lemsteraken which we saw on our trips.

Besides the links to the photos, you will also find a few links of short videos displayed on YouTube.



The Juffrouw Ooievaer has this year had a serious maintenance catch-up. Most of the lacquer has been completely redone. The Dutch legal obligation to fit a “black-water-tank” is fulfilled. The equipment on the navigation table has had a “re-shuffle” and is positioned now in a more logic way. Also she has got a completely new cover for the whole ship, as well as two to protect only the sails. Besides a small dinghy has been bought to allow us to anchor from time to time. The name of the dinky will be “Tante Jo”.

The first trip this year was from the WJH in Workum to Huizen. A marvellous trip with excellent sailing conditions. Also a few short videos have been made when sailing on the IJselmeer.

Further this year there is an ambitious plan to navigate to the UK. Might someone have interesting and/or useful information for this trip, please can you share the info via our email address?




If you recognize any of the other ships on the photos, please feel free to send us an email for the original size picture.
























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